Geology and Geo-science

  • Tight gas /shale gas reservoirs Formation evaluations (A-Z).
  • Fracture reservoirs Formation evaluations including Fracture Porosity estimation (Unique feature of VGS)
  • Carbonate reservoir characterization through MMSW and deterministic model (Unique feature of VGS).
  • Thin beds analysis (Bulk analysis Approach)
  • TOC estimation by using OH logs.
  • Cased hole Water Saturation Analysis (Sigma) including Time laps.
  • Prospect Generation.
  • 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation.
  • Resource assessment.
  • Seismic attribute generation/analysis.
  • Well/Seismic physical and digital Data Base Management.

Well Planning/Engineering

  • Well trajectory planning for directional wells.
  • Well trajectory monitoring planned vs  drilled well.
  • Well engineering (Torque and Drag analysis. Drilling Hydraulics).
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