Who We Are?(Our Vision & Mission)

We at Vizdom Solutions have selected standard Workflows and Experiences to design our Technologies, which are User Friendly and Enable our Clients to Relate their Business, Workflows and Experiences to solve Real Tangible Challenges

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We offer a full range of softwares for Oil Industry covering Petrophysics, Geophysics, Geomechanics, Subsurface modeling,  Drilling Engineering, Well Planning, Well Engineering Drilling Optimization.

Our software is designed on user-based experience and requires minimum training to reach companies goals. Our products VGS and VDS are designed to meet the needs of operators and consulting services companies.


Knowing Oil Industry requirements of strong programming and features, we have selected emerging technologies which are innovative and far greater than old platforms enabling our clients to relate their business, workflows and experiences.

Primarily, we have chosen C# as programming language embedded with SQLite. Our software platforms are focused on seizing business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges.

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Intuitive workflow management 

  • Easy to start your interpretation by choosing your reservoir types between Fractured, Carbonate, Clastic and Tight reservoir; VGS™ offers built-in workflows for each reservoir type and has been designed to assist the user in performing interactive data analysis.
  • Intuitive workflow management allowing users to review all interpretation process, automate repetitive work, smoothly transfer data and interpretation models.

Multimineral formations evaluation

  • Our multimineral formations evaluation (MMFW) has robust & ideal solutions for all reservoirs especially for Gas bearing reservoirs.
  • Flexible user’s programing & interface tools allowing to code specific program based on VGS™ platform.

Easy to start

  • Easy to start well bore creation by inputting targets and choosing your well types, VDS™ offers built-in workflows for each type of well profile and has been designed to assist the user in performing interactive data analysis.
  • Intuitive workflow management allowing users to review well bore construction process and smoothly transfer data between office to the drilling site.

Robust well planning feature

  • Our robust well planning feature is an ideal solutions for all type of simple to complex and extended reach drilling well plans.
  • Our powerful engineering allows to perform engineering calculation at the planning stage and while drilling
  • Flexible reporting tools allowing to prepare daily well reports, final well reports through VDS™ platform.

Perfect tools for Petrophysicists, Geologists,

Petroleum Engineers and Drilling Engineers