• Fracture reservoir formation evaluation including fracture porosity estimation up to 1 meter depth of estimation from Borehole (R&D of Vizdom Solutions).
  • Single to multi well petrophysical analysis by using deterministic/multi-mineral approach.
  • Tight gas/shale gas reservoir formation evaluation (Formation Evaluation to fracture gradient).
  • Thin beds analysis (Bulk analysis Approach)
  • Cased hole Water Saturation Analysis (Sigma) including Time laps.
  • Prospect Generation.
  • 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation.
  • Detailed resource assessment.
  • Seismic attribute generation, analysis and Interpretation.
  • Well/Seismic physical and digital Data Base Management.

Drilling Services

  • Well trajectory planning for directional wells.
  • Anti collision analysis and Proximity report including driller’s Earth model in 3D.
  • Projection ahead bit.
  • Well trajectory monitoring planned vs Actual well.
  • Well engineering calculation (Torque and Drag analysis, Drilling Hydraulics, Swab and surge Analysis).
  • Casing design including bi and tri axial analysis.
  • End of section/End of well reporting.

Formation Evaluation

  • Effective porosity estimation by using deterministic/Multi mineral model(Depends on Geology complexity).
  • Water saturation estimation
  • Log derived Permeability estimations and core data integration.
  • Sedimentological facies core to log by using State of the Art Machine learning.

RT log QC

  • RT log QC including WL and LWD Data
  • RT monitoring of drilling progress
  • RT Multi-well correlations for critical decision like core point picking/casing shoe depth etc.