Message from the CEO

Our Technology, domain expertise, research and development underlines the unique contribution our products and services make to achieve exploration and production targets. In addition to leading edge technology, it’s the experience of providing innovative solutions, cost-effective capabilities and competent consulting services to the global oil and gas industry. Our business model is all about providing our clients with the platform for success. We believe that conciseness is a virtue when it comes to defining and communicating our corporate vision and goals. That’s why we focus on four key areas: quality, service, innovation, and team performance. We understand that our clients’ needs and challenges are constantly evolving, which is why we make it our top priority to regularly assess and review our services and products to ensure they’re meeting those challenges effectively.

Our Mission

Our Mission is optimization of oil industry cost structure by using state of the art technologies & expertise, supporting our clients to maintain profit margins at any time through our unique solutions & workflows backed by industry known experts.

Our visibility is not limited to Oil & gas sector only, our social responsibilities will always remain high.

We are Unique
  • Being first Pakistan’s company launching Subsurface & drilling software platforms , VGS & VDS respectively.
  • Business consulting services , from contract negotiation to 3rd party audits.
  • We are expert in unconventional (Shale gas/ tight gas) reservoirs , our technical domain experts has worldwide expertise.
  • Optimization of cost / bbl, improve operational efficiency and increase HC production . We have conducted more than 10 high value projects worldwide, which will be replicated in Pakistan.

Our Management

Sa'id Ur Rehman
Sa'id Ur Rehman Co-founder & CEO
Global expertise of over 20 Years in Oil and Gas industry.
Sabahat Nazir
Sabahat NazirCo-Founder & CFO
Over 15 years of experience in Corporate & Investment Banking sector.
Nayima Hameed
Nayima HameedMarketing Director
Over 10 Years of Global experience in Oil and Gas industry.
Farrah Rao-Hansen
Farrah Rao-Hansen Director Legal
Over 25 Years of International experience in Corporate sector.
Wan Noorhida
Wan NoorhidaDirector HR
Over 13 years of global experience in HR & Business development .
Dr. Saiq Shakeel Abbasi
Dr. Saiq Shakeel Abbasi Advisor Geophysicist
Over 10 Years of Industry experience.

Our Domain Experts

Lukas Wihardjo
Lukas Wihardjo
Over 30 years of Multinational experience as a Petrophysicist.
Huynh Thanh Tung
Huynh Thanh Tung
Over 15 years of Multinational experience in G&G & RE.
Juan Carrera
Juan Carrera
Over 35 years of experience in Drilling and Reservoir Characterization.
Sunarto Kadarusman
Sunarto Kadarusman
Over 30 Years of global experience in Wireline Logging, Software development and Petrophysics.